Fischau Mountains 20./22.4.2016

A 3 1/2 hour´s walk with Herwig Gießwein and a short stroll to the ruin Emmerberg.

20.4.2016: with Herwig Gießwein I walk from Winzendorf to the lily grassland, then to the Eisenstein cave and up to the Karlstein. Then further on to Größenberg and back to Winzendorf via the marble quarry.

View from Karlstein. Two butterflies happen to fly in front of my camera, when I press the shutter ...

Panoramic view from Karlstein. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

View to Bucklige Welt.

Bad Fischau/Brunn

On the Größenberg summit, facing Schneeberg and Hohe Wand.

At the marble quarry lookin to Wiener Neustadt and Bad Fischau.

The area at the marble quarry.

Looking from the marble quarry to the Wechsel region


22.4.2014: during the change of the tyres on my car, I do a short stroll to ...

 ... ruin Emmerberg.

First oilseed rape flowers.

Coral root bittercress (Cardamine bulbifera) in the forest near the ruin.

Ruin Emmerberg, Schneeberg, in front to the left Kienberg, Hohe Wand to the right.


Ruin Emmerberg

Ruin Emmerberg

Austrian viper´s grass (Scorzonera austriaca) on a small grassy place above ruin Emmerberg.


Once more Coral root bittercress (Cardamine bulbifera), this time near the forester´s house.

View to Hohe Wand. Near the house at the road my car is already waiting for me.

Horse chestnut alley from the forester´s house down to the road.