Fischau Mountains 5.4.2008

I have offered Herwig Giesswein to guide him to the tiny iris. Of course this added up to a longer walk from Bad Fischau/Brunn to the iris´ dry grass and up Groessenberg, to the marble quarry, on Schlossberg and via ruin Emmerberg to Winzendorf, nearly 4 hours walk.

Once more the tiny irises (Iris pumila) are fascinating us.

In between a few grape hyacinths (Muscari botryoides)

Herwig as well is fascinated ...

 ... by the tremendous amount ...

 ... of those irises.

A nearly white exemplar

A flowering bush of St. Lucie´s cherrry (Prunus mahaleb)

A white iris

Now we start for a steep ascent up the mountain; a fine view over Winzendorf from this place.

Zooming in, in the background is the prominent conus of Sonnwendstein, with the ski slopes of Hirschenkogel to its right.

View from Groessenberg over Neue Welt to Hohe Wand.

View from the disused marble quarry over the southern Vienna´s plain.

Ruin Emmerberg, in the centre of the background is Kienberg, to the right behind is Krumbachstein and Schneeberg.

View from the upper end of the big disused limestone quarry on Winzendorf.

In the evening, at home in my garden. The last sun rays cast a beautiful glare on the magnolia, which was not damaged by frostz this year.