Fischau Mountains 14.3.2012

Herwig Gießwein has called and asked for a walk. As the weather is forecast to get bright, I take the morning off for a longer walk. With two cars, we meet up at Unterhoeflein (beneath the pilgrimage church) and take the other for a drive to Bad Fischau/Brunn. From there, we walk along the Fischau mountains, to Groessenberg and the marble quarry, then Schlossberg and ruin Emmerberg, crossing the Prosset gorge and along Mitterberg till Netting, finally climbing Kienberg and back over Zweiwiese to Unterhoeflein. 4 1/2 hours of walking, to the end in rather fast speed due to lack of time. Good that I may sit at my praxis work in the afternoon ...

Vineyards between Brunn and Winzendorf

First pasque flowers are out on the liliy grassland"

View to Winzendorf. From here, we climb up through forst to finally reach the summit of ...

 ... Groessenberg, here the view to Dreistetten ...

 ... and the view over Neue Welt to Schneeberg and Hohe Wand.

Winzendorf/Muthmannsdorf´s marble quarry. A bit overgrown now, here red-brown marble was cut out for more than three centuries.

Many blocs are lying around till now  ...

Artist´s symnposia during the Eighties and Nineties of the last century have changed some of the blocs.

The overhanging wall of the main quarry, marble was cut out with circular ropes, cooled and enhances by water and quartz sand.

The small hut of the quarry workes has been renoveted some years ago.

One of several information panels regarding the quarry.

The bushes around the old machine foundations have been cut down recently. This panel contains information on the location and the walking routes  ...

 .. whereas the other side provides detailled insight in the history of the quarry. Click here to open a page with the single pictures displayed on both sides of the panel.

This is to heartily thank Mr. Karl Hochhauser from Winzendorf´s Dorferneuerungsverein ("village renewal club), who provided the pictures to me, and to Mrs. Eva Weiss (Fotostudio Weiss, Muthmannsdorf) for permission to show the pictures here.

More information also on the Homepage of the der community of Winzendorf-Muthmannsdorf. (in German only)

Stone table and blocs to sit on - for lunch with a view

Artist´s work ("door")

We now climb the slope on the left side of the quarry ...

 ... to its top ...

 ... and to the view place named "Neue Welt Aussicht" - Schneeberg summit still wrapped in clouds.

Schlossberg in the forground, our next aim.

Ruin Emmerberg.

From here, we descend steeply down the Eselssteig ("monkey path") into the

 ... Prosset - gorge.

Further walk along Mitterberg

First spring flowers - coltsfoot on the path.

Arrived on Groessenberg. Clouds have disappeared now ...

 ... and Schneeberg is seen from its best side.

Zweiwiese, ...

 ... from where we descend down to Unterhoeflein.