Fischau, Saubersdorf Fields 13.11.2022

Late morning a short bicycle tour heading for Bad Fischau and back via Weikersdorf. In the afternoon a dog walk to the hills near Saubersdorf.

More oilseed rape fields here - green manure for the winter, in full flower due to the very mild autumn.

View to Semmering and Wechsel region ...

 ... and the Rosalia mountains

Still a bit of water in the Prosset beck - at least here, a bit more downstream, the water is seeped down into the more permeable gound.

On the ride back between Weikersdorf and Winzendorf. No snow on Schneeberg.

In the afternoon, we get a spontaneous visit from Susanne´s breeder friends from Upper Austria, who are in the region anyway today. A short dog walk with 7 papillon´s to the hills near Saubersdorf.

Rape in flower

More dogs than humans - a big pack of dogs.


View to Winzendorf


20.11.2022: First snow yesterday morning, a few only but everything´s white. Today late morning, the sun is out, and the snow is molten in short time ...

 ... except in a few shady patches. 

Mist in the Schneeberg area today.

Clouds also looking to St. Egyden ...

 ... and Rosalia. 

Fischau mountains

Schneeberg in clouds and mist.