Bad Fischau/Saubersdorf 1./7.1.2022

1.1.2022: With the bicycle to Bad Fischau/Brunn and back, and walking the fields near Saubersdorf/St. Egyden.

Fischau mountains (Grössenberg) as seen from the fields between Weikersdorf and Bad Fischau/Brunn.

A heap with collected cobblestones ...

View from the water pipe dam to the Fischau mountains...

Lucy and Bella join us in the bike trailer, at times they run by themselves.

Wonderful winter light.

7.1.2022: Cloudless sky, after a cvlear night, walking the fields.

Traces of snow after yesterday´s one-minute.shower, retaining only in the shadow.


Persistent snow (hoarfrost) in the shadow.

Fruits of wild clematis

Fruits of wild clematis

Back at the Panorama pond.

Panorama pond, with Schneeberg in the distance.