Feldkirch 5.11.2010

On a congress in Feldkirch. Whereas most of the program of the congress is highly interesting, Friday afternoon is dedicated to a a topic that nearly never would touch me. So I fell into the temptation to make use of the wonderfully mild and sunny late autumn afternoon and to leave the darkened auditorium. So, I start my walk directly from the hotel to explore the encompassing rocks, which surround the town like a natural town wall. Clearly arranged orientation signs make it easy to find the path to and fro.

Unfortunately, I do not have my camera with me (I did not expect an opportunity like this!), so the pictures shown here are made with my handheld phone; please apologize the technically poor pictures.

Initially, a few pictures from 4.11.: Our hotel is situated directy at the river Ill, the congress is taking place in the builduing of the Landeskonservatorium directly on the opposite side of the river. To get there, we have to cross one of the two footbridges.

Autumnal colors in the park nearby.

The river Ill is partially fed by glaciers, so at times the water is milky turbid.

At the place in front of the hotel.

Friday 5.11. in the morning. A bright day. This is the view from the window of my hotel room in the 6th floor. At Feldkirch, the Ill is running through a very narrow dale with steep rocky escarpments on both sides.

Once more the colors of the park, on the way to the congress. I want to climb this rock in the background.

Starting for my walk in the afternoon.

Feldkirch, Willow on the bank of the river Ill

In the park near the Konservatorium.

Vorarlberg´s Landeskonservatorium (a local high school for music education), where our congress takes place. Behind, the second rock to climb on my walk.

I climb the first of the two rocks, Stadtschrofen, from the backside. A wonderful view into the upper Ill valley with the glacered mountains of the Montafon in the backdrop. In the foreground, the village of Frastanz.

Panoramic view over Feldkirch from Stadtschrofen. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Stadtschrofen are really steep rock walls.

View in the direction of the railway station.

Through the forest now ...

 ... and crossing the valley and the narrow river on a bridge.

Ill, in the background the mountains forming the border to the state of Liechtenstein.

Tomorrow, we shall pass by here with the train.

Reascending through the forest on the opposite side of the valley.

Looking down on Feldkirch from the Kleines Kaenzele ("Small pulpit").

To the left the Stadtschrofen on the opposite side of the Ill valley.

Schattenburg ("Shadow castle"), with the medievian town of Feldkirch to its left

Panoramic view on Feldkirch from the Groszes Kaenzele ("Great Pulpit"). Click here or inside the picture for a larger version

Feldkirch´s railway statrion, with the view down to the Rhine valley in the distance.

Tennis court behind the railway station.

Descending on a good path reaching the town close to the railway station.

I have been visiting this rock just before.

Schattenburg, with a tunnel beneath to keep the traffic off the old town.

Schattenburg from the opposite side.

6.11. - a few pictures from the railway journey. This is the ascent from Bludenz to Arlberg ...

 ... and here it is somewhere in Tyrol, during a short stop on the track.