Fadensattel 17.10.2016

This day begins dark, misty and gloomy. I have to tackle a few administrative items in the morning, but have a look at Schneeberg Webcam´s. Sunshine on Schneeberg, but all of Puchberg in the mist, as well as Hohe Wand. However, the camera mounted at the Edelweißhütte on Fadensattel shows mist and sun - the upper border of the mist. So I quickly decide to drive to Losenheim. From the car, I have a call to Karl Tisch  - "Schneeberg-Koarl". He was just going to break up for exactly the same goal. So, we meet up at the car park of the cable car and take Karl´s all terrain-vehicle to drive up to a place shortly beneath the Edelweißhütte, close to the border of the mist.

That means, we already start only a short leg before the sun is breaking through the mist ...

 ... - thanks, Karl for the lift up!

Karl also takes many photographs.

The border of the mist is at the ridge ...

 ... with only a few rests of mist on the other side, which is free of mist. The light arrow seems to result form light  bending over the ridge similar to a Brocken spectre.

The mist goes up and down a littel bit ...

 ... a bit of it drawing over the Edelweißhütte.

Panoramic picture of the Fadensattel and the Edelweißhütte. Almreserlhaus looks out of the mist a little bit. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.


We now walk up a bit of the Fadensteig.

Soon we get a beautiful view down to the Almreserlhaus.

In the Klostertal, the morning mist has completely dissolved (fellow walkers coming down from the Fischerhütte after spending the night in it tell us that there was mist down there in the morning)

Panoramablick vom Fadensteig zum Fadensattel. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Karl too is enthusiastic with this beautiful day.

Autumnal yellow larches as we are ascending.

Karl puts his video camera on the tripod to take some time lapse videos.

Above the clouds ... (sorry, lyrics in German, didn´t find an English version or even a German one with English subtitles)

Lucy also enjoys the day.

Hohe Wand is somewhere beneath these clouds.

A last panoramic picture taken from the Fadensteig. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Here we turn back - I have to work in the afternoon, Karl has a night turn.

Visitors with a large screen may click here or into the picture for a very large version of this picture (stitched together from three high format pictures).

Now descending.

view to Kuhschneeberg, behind to the right behind the Klostertal is the Handlesberg (1.370 m).

Back at the Fadensattel.

Still the mist here; with nearly no wind, the situation does not change very much.

Mist over the Fadensattel ...