Spring Flowers on Engelsberg 2.4.2018

It is getting warm last. The sun is out, and at lunchtime a southern wind comes up, driving temperature up to 16 °C.

I walk from the outskirts of Winzendorf, first between vineyards.

Finally I branch off up to the forest.

Grassy places and bushes cover this area, together with groups of trees.

Cornel cherry bushes are in full flower now.

Under one of the bushes I find this keaf-rosette of a lizard orchid. I´ve never found this plant in this place.

Cornel cherries everywhere.

Good view from here over the Steinfeld to the Rosalia mountains.

Violets are flowrishing in huge amounts.

A few pasque flowers in the grassy places.

Pasque flowers.

View over the Steinfeld and Weikersdorf to the Rosalia mountains.

The wood harvester has left large gaps in the forest a few years ago. Now the numerous cornel cherry plants can be seen much easier.

Pasque flower.

Lucy nicely sits down whe I take pictures.

Though this is a bit boring at times.

Pasque flowers.


Winzendorf behind the trees, on the horizon is the Wechsel massive with last remainders of snow.

Winzendorf, now well visible behind the forest gap.

Where the harvester left free soil, Coltsfoot has settled, which is in beautiful full flower.

Bunches of primroses on a newly constructed forest gravel road.

Early cowslips are out in sunny places.


Broad tracks have been left by the harvester.

View to Winzendorf and the Wechsel.



Auch mPasque flowers in sunny places inside the forest.

Violets have settled in free places,

and multiplied enormously.

Back at the vineyards.

We had our lunch in a restaurant in Grünbach am Schneeberg.  Afterwards, we drive over the small saddle of Gutenmann and Ternitz heading for Kirchberg. From the Gutenmann saddle a gorgeous view to Schneeberg.

Shortly before the Rams saddle, whe get a stunning view down over the Schwarza valley to Rax and Schneeberg.

Schneeberg ...

 ... and zoomed in.

Zooming in on the Rax too.