Engelsberg 9.3.2016

I asked Hans-Jürgen Pietsch to join  me on a walk on the Engelsberg zu gehen. The goal of the expedtition is to start his small unmanned aerial vehicle and thus get a complete panoramic view from the summit of Engelsberg. From the ground, you only get a view to Schneeberg and Hohe Wand, to the other side, the view is blocked by trees. Much dust over the Vienna´s plain, but nevertheless you get an impression of the stunning round view from up there.

I want to give this reason to the suggestion of erecting a look-out higher than the trees. As to my knowledge, this is the only place in the Fischau mountains, where you (with appropriate help) have view as well as to Schneeberg/Hohe Wand and the Vienna´s plain till the Leitha and Rosalia mountains, the "Bucklige Welt", Wechsel and Semmering region. I also want to suggest a crowdfunding project for this.

I would very much appreciate comments to this. This is a link to my contact data.

At first, a view from the ground, with my camera.

Schlossberg (584 m) in the foreground is (according to the map) about 20 m higher than the place we are standing now:

The vehicle flies up with its tiny, but excellent GoPro camera, which has been set by Hans-Jürgen to take a picture every 2 seconds.

As Hans-Jürgen is a rather skilled "pilot" in the meantime, and there is only few wind today, he can manage (aided by a GPS control) to make the "bird" stop at one point. The he slowly turns it round clockwise. At the end of the day, the memory card contains 500 exposures, which have to be sorted and worked on afterwards. This is the view to the north, with Hohe Wand far left, and Grössenberg in the centre.

Looking along the ridge of the Fischau mountains. Vienna´s plain to the right, in the dust.

Vienna´s plain, Bad Fischau to the left and Winzendorf to the right.The Rosalia mountains should be seen on the horizon, but not today. The distortions of the picture are due to ery wide angle of the camera lenses. Despite hard attempts. I was not able to eliminate these distortions.

The view to southwest, along the ridge, to Wechsel, Semmering and once more Schneeberg.

Sticking together to a panorama was extremely difficult due to the distorions, but you get an impression. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Hans-Jürgen now lets the vehicle rise another 15 m or so - maybe a bit higher than a possible look-out. Now turning anti-clockwise.

Wechsel, Semmering, Schneeberg

Vienna´s plain

Northeast, along the ridge


and to Hohe Wand, Schneeberg far left.

Another (bad) panorama. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

We now changed the pplace, but still on the ridge, the vehicle is started a second time, this is near the view point "Neue Welt Aussicht":

Similar height, similar view. I believe the first place to be slightly better, because in this place, Schneeberg is a bit more hidden behind Hohe Wand. Regarding this fact, Grössenberg, which is still higher (and wich we did not visit today)is still a bit worse.

A (technically even worse) panoramic picture from the second view place. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Hans-Jürgen makes the vehicle fly a bit away from the ridge. So we are observed now ...

But we "shoot back"

Happy landing. In the lee of the trees it was completely calm, so he dared to try a landing between the trees to the forest ground. difficult - so a bravo to the skilled pilot!

What still remained was the inevitable visit of the marble quarry, where the vehicle was started a third time.

Diesmal recht hoch hinauf.

Attention please, we are landing in due course!