Emmerberg/Schlossberg 27.1.2020

In the morning, I discover a few blue areas in the dense ground fog over Winzendorf. The Schneeberg webcam shows that the mist is only in very low areas. So, I try my luck and drive up through the Prosset gorge, and I´m lucky - the mist just had disappeared in the Neue Welt behind.

Still hoarfrost though on most trees and bushes.

I walk up the horse chestnut alley heading for ruin Emmerberg.

View back and over the valley to Schneeberg.

Above the field, beneath the forester house. This area was in shadow till now, so there is much more hoarfrost.

View over the "Neue Welt" to Kienberg, Schneeberg and Hohe Wand.

Panoramic picture of Hohe Wand.

Looking in direction Muthmannsdorf ...

 ... and to the horse chestnut alley.

Inside the forest ...

Near the ruin Emmerberg.

I walk to the view down into the Prosset gorge ...

 ... where the mist is still hanging.

View to the ruin Emmerberg from the forest ...

 ... and from a small grassy place on the ridge of Schlossberg. 


Fog is drawing in and dissolving in the sunshine.

Bushes still in shadow are full with hoarfrost, others are quickly defrosted by the sun.

Wonderful view from a small rock plateau ...

Ruin Emmerberg and the viw to Semmering And Wechsel (the latter far left).

A bit more up, this is the view to Muthmannsdorf from a small summit plateau. Only constantly shaded forest areas are hoarfrosted.

Up here, all of the hoarfrost is molten.

Still swirling mist over the ruin. On my walk back, the hoarfrost has disappeared from all the bushes at the horse chestnut alley.