Ruin Emmerberg and more - 4.,7. and 9.2.2016

Local walks Spaziergänge with Lucy to the fields and a two hours´ walk over Schlossberg to the ruin Emmerberg and back via the "Steinernes Bankerl" ("stone bench") on 7.2.2016.

4.7.2016: Foehn weather, lkie so often this winter - still clouds hanging on Schneeberg though.

7.2.2016. High clouds, but good visibility to Schneeberg

9.2.2016: On Schlossberg besides the big quarry and crossing over to ruin Emmerberg. Good view from above the ruin, a bit below the summit of Schlossberg.

Semmering region with the Sonnwendstein.

Neue Welt ("New World") and Schneeberg, in the centre Zweiersdorf, to its left is Kienberg.

A bit down the ridge, and the ruin Emmerberg comes in view.

Snow only on higher regions, even the lowermost part of the "Breite Ries" is devoid of snow.

Ruin Emmerberg and the view to the Wechsel region, far right the Semmering.

Emmerberg and Semmering region. In the foreground the villages of Willendorf and Würflach.

Nearly down at the ruin.

In the forest below the ruin, the hazelnut catkins are out..