Eichkogel near Moedling, 17.4.2010

Following a suggestion of a visitor of my site, after many years I revisited Eichkogel, a kind of "botanical wonderland", with a very rich pannonic flora, similar to that growing near Winzendorf, but extremely rank in several places.

I start my walk near the cemetery

Small Pasque Flower (Pulsatilla pratensis subsp. nigricans), a plant of the pannonic flora, which i have not seen before near Winzendorf.

And its similar variant, flourishing several weeks earlier, the Common Pasque flower (Pulsatilla grandis), growing near Winzendorf. See here one of the last flourishing exemplars, most of them show fruits already.

Garden daffodills, usually not growing in the wilderness.


A bit more up, I find the most beautiful attraction of the day: spring adonis (Adonis vernalis) fully flourishing.

Growing in large clusters.

View over Moedling to the south of Vienna.

On the plateau of Eichkogel, where anti aircraft cannons where positioned during WW 2.

Further on a path through bushes and a short part of forest to the southern slopes of Eichkogel. Near the path, lots of Honesty (Lunaria annua)

Butterflies visiting.

Nice view over vineyards to Gumpoldskirchen from the southern slopes of Eichkogel.

On the horizon, in the dust, the pointed profile of the escarpments of Hohe Wand.

Anninger - the next goal to climb.

Tiny iris (Iris pumila) on the southern slopes of Eichkogel

Spot the visitor.

Sandfingerkraut (Potentilla arenaria)

First exemplars of Kugelblumen (Globularia cordifolia).

Yellow Iris

I now walk to the forested summit of Eichkogel, descend via a narrow path, and once more find some grassland with huge lots of spring adonis

Nice view over Moedling to Vienna

More Cowslips

I now leave the Eichkogel area heading for Richardshof (a large hotel area with a gulf court!); on the way there blackthorn near a field.

In these bushes, it is humming like a bee hive.

So it does not need much to catch on of those tiny animals.

The view here goes till Kahlenberg, far away in the dust.

Further through the forest to the Anninger hut, where I take in a small lunch. On the way, lots of wild garlic ...

 ... and yellow wood anemones (Anemone ranunculoides)

The densely forested Anninger did not give significant views for pictures (I did not ascend the view tower due to the hazy conditions). Here I leave the forest near Gumpoldskirchen, a view over the village

and once more

The vineyards and flourishing bushes in the nearby forest. Gumpoldskirchen´s vine is famous.

The church, and once more flourishing blackthorne.

Back on Eichkogel, which I now cross a second time from south to north. Potentilla arenaria.

Iris pumila

Last exemplars of common pasque flowers.

Once more small pasque flowers (Pulsatilla pratensis subsp. nigricans) on the descent..

18.4.: A very short walk to the "lily" area near Winzendorf. The weather is dull, so only a few pictures.