Dürnbach - Scheuchenstein 5.10.2017

Morning walk with Herwig Gießwein from Dürnbach through grassland and forest to Scheuchenstein and further to Oed.

First a few pictures from yesterday´s walk with Lucy (4.10.)


5.10. Bright weather forecasted, with a few clouds, which are here indeed and stay obstinately covering nearly the whole sky. But anyway it is dry and not too cold.

View back down the Dürnbach valley, where we come from.

"An der Wand" ("at the wall") is depicted in the map for this place. Good view to Schneeberg from here.

Shortly before Scheuchenstein - first sunny spells, though short.

Maximally zoomig in - Klosterwappen, Schneeberg summit, is peering.

Dürre Wand.

Here, near Oed, we turn back and walk back to Scheuchenstein

The further way back leads us ...

... through the gorge.

Rock above the gorge.

This place is depicted with "Auf der Höh" ("on the high").

At the Kreuzstein, we walk back down to Dürnbach.