Dreistetten 25.10.2021

Wonderful, quiet autumn weather, and most trees have got coloured leaves. With the dogs I drive up to Dreistetten, where I know that there are many deciduous trees.

A short photo stop between Muthmannsdorf and Dreistetten.

View over "Neue Welt", Hohe Wand to the right.

View over Muthmannsdorf in direction Netting, Fischau mountains to the left, Bucklige Welt in the background.

First, I walk from Dreistetten heading for the Einhorn cave. Ruin Starhemberg on a rock.

View back to Dreistetten.

The rock wall of the Hirnflitzstein, where the entrance to the Einhorn cave is situated. Hearing wood work from afar, I turn back.

Ruin Starhemberg.

I walk up along the mowed grassland.

Panoramic picture to the North with ruin Starhemberg and Dreistetten. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Once more ruin Starhemberg.

Wonderful autumn colours.

Hohe Wand.

Hohe Wand

Dreistetten, Steinfeld and Rosalia mountains in the background.



Bella and Lucy are good dogs and stay sitting for the picture.

Arrived at the ouskirts of the steep forest.

After a short leg through the forest. I reach the fields near the Frankenhof. From here, the view goes over the Fischau mountains to the Rosalia.

Panoramic view to Hohe Wand from above Frankenhof.Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

View along the Hohe Wand ...

 ... and once mopre to the Fischau mountains. 

Panoramic view over the large grassland near the Frankenhof to Hohe Wand. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

View to the south over the Steinfeld to the Bucklige Welt and to the Wechsel region.

Wechsel, Semmering region and Hohe Wand.

Back through the forest ...

 ... passing by a small clearing with view down ... 

 ... back to the fields above Dreistetten, where goats are grazing.

Once more ruin Starhemberg.

Hohe Wand and the grassland where I walked up before.