Dreistetten 14.3.2016

I have to drive to Dreistetten, so I use the opportunity for a spring walk in bright sunshine.

After yesterday´s rain, not all clouds are dissolved still. This causes a kind of high fog blanket above Puchberg - here "outside" (the dales) it is sunny already. A rare situation, mostly it is the other way round.

I start from Dreistetten through grassland and forest to the Frankenhof, down to Felbring and back to Dreistetten a bit deeper on the slope.


Today, the primroses primroses (Primula vulgaris) are out beautifully.

Worm´s eye view of Lucy when lying in the grass to take pictures of flowers.

Flowrishing Cornel sherry bush

View down to Dreistetten

Inside the forest

More primroses above the Frankenhof - this time on a clearing in the forest ...

 ... and in the fruit garden of the Frankenhof, which I entered for these pictures - please apologize.

A bit down the slope, above the rehabilitation centre of Felbring, the first Common Hornbeams (Carpinus betulus) are flowrishing.

Also a few flowrishing trees - too far to be identifiable.

Rees at a beck. Only 10 more minutes to Dreistetten.