Dreistetten 9.4.2014

I have to drive to get something from Dreistetten - so I make use of the sunny day for a short walk around the village. It is rather windy and the clouds are drawing fast, so sun and shadow are changing rapidly.

But it is definitely spring, as early as can be ... I cannot remember having seen most of the trees in tender green at the beginning of April

The ruined castle of  Starhemberg


Lots of cowslips in the grassland.

This is a varfiant, growing beside some primroses - maybe a hybrid.

The rocks near the Einhornhöhle, the last foothill of the Hohe Wand to the northeast.

Once more ruin Starhemberg


Lonesome rock inmidst the grass.

Changing place - now along the road between Muthmannsdorf and Dreistetten.

Flowrishing wild cherries

View to Hohe Wand

Thounsandsa of dandelions in full bloom in this grassland.

View over the valley of "Neue Welt", Fischau mountains to the left.

Dandelions ...

 ... in close up.


View over Muthmannsdorf to the Fischau mountains.

Hohe Wand