Dreistetten 21.2.2013

Yesterday, it snowed a little bit, but in Winzendorf, the snow is completely thawed already. Not like higher above, so, today I drive to Muthmannsdorf and Dreistetten.

Near the big curve between Muthmannsdorf and Dreistetten I drive a little bit into a field path to a nice parking place near the forest. View to Hohe Wand ...

 ... and to the large flat valley called "Neue Welt"

Dreistetten is behind this hill. The fence is for protection of the nearby road against snow drift.

Neue Welt - behind the tree to the left is Kienberg, which I climbed the day before yesterday.

Fischau mountains to the left with the ruin Emmerberg.

Schneeberg is hidden in haze and/or snow shower.

The high cornices along the tree rows are wind pressed and thawn/frozen, so I can walk over them. My traces show the low amount of fresh snow.

I am heading for Hohe Wand.

The sun is hidden behind clouds at times.

Wait a bit for the reappearance.

Reed near a small beck.

Wintery straw balls.

My route now leads a bit through forest.

Snow cornices

A roe deer cannot decide ...

 ... whether it should run away or stay. The time it takes for the decision is sufficient to change to the tele lense.

Can it really see me? Howsoever, after a few seconds ...

... it is disappeared..

Reaching today´s goal, the fields  ...

... around the Frankenhof. I dont fancy the steep path up to the Herrgottschnitzerhaus in snowy condition. Too far and too slippery.

I stump back rather quickly, and because the sun has disappeared, this is the only picture from the wayx back and the last one.