Dreistetten 2.3.2011

Yesterday was a curious day. You did not know - does it snow, or rain, or is that high fog? Schneeberg Webcam showed clouds nearly to the summit, even Waxriegel, where I was on Saturday, (1.888 m) was inside. The clouds eached till near ground, and a slight bit of snow drizzle came out, which is still remaining on shady places. It cleared over night, so I walk from Dreistetten to Felbring and back Frankenhof.

A few pictures from underway. This is the view to ruin Starhemberg and Dreistetten.

Hohe Wand

Animals at Frankenhof are warming up in the sunshine ...

Hohe Wand with Herrgottschnitzerhaus

Hohe Wand

Ruin Starhemberg