Dreistetten 2.2.2011

Today, the Schneeberg Webcam shows, that the fog is down to near valley level, most of Hohe Wand is outside. I break up heading for Muthmannsdorf, but then I discover, that the summits of the Fischau mountains are still inside the mist. So, I decide to proceed for Dreistetten for a walk on Hohe Wand.

However, I cannot walk far, because suddenly the sun comes out, and enlightens the hoarfrosted trees.

The fog is torn apart, and dissolving!

A fleeting spektacle ...

 ... because after a few hours, thaw is coming and all the magic views are over.

Ruin Starhemberg

View to Hohe Wand

 .. and from a bit up now.

At the outskirt of the forest ...

 ... and looking back from there Far right are houses of Dreistetten.

I have spent so much time for pictures, that there is no more chance for a walk up Hohe Wand to Herrgottschnitzerhaus. So I only walk the short bit to the flat forest above the Einhorn cave, where the terrain steeply escarps in perpendicular walls down to the grasslands and fields around Dreistetten..

Magic forest also here. I now mount my Kahtoola Spikes and scramble down the steep snowy and slippery path at the right side of the rock wall down to the fields near Dreistetten.