Dreistetten 12.10.2008

Gentle afternoon stroll with the familiy from Dreistetten to the farm called Frankenhof and back.

View to the northeastern foothills of Hohe Wand - in this rock wall the Einhornhoehle ("unicorn cave") is situated.

Ruin Starhemberg

Some of the beech leaves in the forest still are green ...

 ... whereas others already are couloured.

Rose hips

View over the fields near Frankenhof to Hohe Wand.

A solitary sweet chestnut tree ...

 ... with ripe, though small, fruits.

Prying horses

View over Fischau mountains to the Rosalia mountains, where I have been this morning.

Wild cherry tree with beautifully couloured leaves, being collected by the children.

Once more the view to the Rosalia mountains

Corn fields shortly before crop.

View down to Dreistetten

Autumnal colors near Dreistetten - click here or into the picture for a larger version

Shadows are growing longer ...

Once more ruin Starhemberg

 ... and in a panoramic view. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Last meadow saffrons are flourishing.