Donnerskirchen 28.5.2017

We drive into the Burgenland for another reason (dog meeting), but I don´t take part in the dog walk, but drive from Schützen to Donnerskirchen.

Good view to Schneeberg (62 km air-line distance) and Rax (72 km air-line).

View down to Donnerskirchen, from the church.

crucifixion group in the area around the church.

Distant Lake Neusiedl wiuth dozens of wind turbines behind-

Lake Neusiedl.

Donnerskirchen church.

I walk up the Kirchberg, in  hinauf, expecting botanical rarities. However, the area is used by a big herd of cattle, which have eaten everything. At least the bush don´t grow, which otherwise would have grown over within a few decades to change the whole area to forest.

Wild roses on Kirchberg above Donnerskirchen.

Bird vetches (Vicia cracca)

Bird vetches (Vicia cracca)

View from Kirchberg (Donnerskirchen) to lake Neusiedl.

On the way back I choose another route, a bit more down the slope through the forest, so I leave the forest at the vineyards.