Planneralm near Donnersbach 3.9.2005

Another bright day. We drive to Planneralm to do a little walk to the small tarn Plannersee

Epilobium angustifolium near the ascent

Hare's-tail Cottongrass, (Tussock Cottongrass, Sheathed Cottonsedge, Eriophorum vaginatum) - thanks to Prof. Hafellner, University of Graz, for identificaton.

An artificial pond constructed for production of snow for the skiing slopes in the background

Sheila has discovered the inflow beck.

Once more Epilobium angustifolium at the slope near the pond

Planner tarn

"Bog" gentian (Swertia perennis) near Planner tarn

Planner tarn from the ascent to Planner Knot (1.996 m)

360 degree panorama from the summit of Planner Knot. Impossible to name all the summits. To the right in the background the limestone mountains of Noerdliche Kalkalpen. Click into the image for better resolution

Sheila must not miss any of the puddles, even if they are very small


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