Bucklige Welt 25.4.2015

We follow an invitation to Kirchberg for the confirmation of our friends´ daughter. For a collective meal afterwards with our friends and their family, we drive to the Handler inn, situated on a hill above Edlitz. From here, you get a stunning view over the valley to Wechsel, Rax and Schneeberg.

From the car park you get a stunning view: the big houses on the opposite hill is the infirmary and rehabilitation centre of Hocheck, behind is the Rax, far right part of Schneeberg can be seen.

Apple tree ...

 ... in flower.

Zooming in on Hocheck and Rax. Far left behind Rax is the Schneealpe.

After the meal, with two others I start for a short walk to enjoy the wonderful area. Schneeberg ...

 ... and zooming in on Schneeberg.

Hohe Wand to the left, Sosser Lindkogel far right.

Handler inn with the horse stables.

We walk along the tarmac road and branch off to a narrow gravel road that leads us on the summit of a hill ...

 ... which provides a stunning panoramic view - click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Looking to the opposite direction you see the spires of Maria Schnee/Lichtenegg above the forest.

Schneeberg in maximal zoom.

Young leaves on the trees ...

Back at the Handler inn, I look around to see the horses. Enclosed are stables and riding areas - indoor and outdoor. Our friends´two horses are living here.

Dandelion - much appreciated.

I must not feed this plant - the poisonous cypress spurge (Euphorbia cyparissias)

Dandelion flower (Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia)

The Handler inn

Flowrishing Cherry tree

Young leaves on the birches.

"Pussy willow alley" along an outdoor riding place (not visible, to the left)

An old disused building ...

 ... that has seen better times.

Daffodills besides the house.