Brunn 13.4.2016

Sunshine at last and time for an exploring walk to the grasslands of the Fischau mountains. I start from Winzendorf to the "lily grassland" and further to near Brunn. Many detours to take pictures.

At the outskirts of. Garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) are very frequent trhis year, due to cutting down of hedgerows during the winter as a consequence of an EU - project.

Now is full blossom of bushes and trees around, mainly blackthorn (Prunus spinosa)...

 ... and St. Lucies sherries (Prunus mahaleb).

Training day with the police helicopter Winzendorf´s marble quarry is a good training area, and used for this purpose several times in a year.

After each "rescue", the helicopter goes for a "lap of honor" with its booty.

Many St. Lucies sherries (Prunus mahaleb) can be seen from afar.

Next loop with the helicopter ...

Lots of dandelions in the vineyard.

In the grass the redstem storksbill (Erodium cicutarium),

St. Lucies sherry

Maple tree with young leaves

St. Lucies sherry

Starch grape hyacinth (Muscari neglectum)


Pretty dry stone walls between the vineyards here. I meet an old vine farmer, he tells me that he and his son had rebuilt these walls some 10 or 20 yeasr ago, becasue most of them are overgrown and subsequently destroyed by growing bushes and trees. Now, he says that european green lizards and Aesculapian snakes are lving here.

The king of the so called "Big-eared fringed lions".

A beautiful place indeed  ...

 ... with a good view over the "stonefield".

Though daisies are flowrishing the while year (even in winter), they are ...

 ... especially beautiful just now.


The fringed lion has the same opinion (I think)

Early oilseed rape flowers.

The "usual" multicolored display of the pygmy iris (Iris pumila)

St. Lucies sherrie in between...

 ... and pubescent oaks.

St. Lucies sherry

Pasque flowers (Pulsatilla vulgaris) are withered at last, now the infructescences can be seen.

Yellow variant

and a near white one.

"Come on now!"

I manage to find a large group of violet pygmy iris.

heart-leaved globe daisy (Globularia cordifolia) in large groups.

Spring view of the vineyards and the stonefield till the Wechsel ridge.

Starch grape hyacinth (Muscari neglectum)

I now meet the area of the spring pheasant´s eyes (Adonis vernalis) shortly before Brunn.

I cannot identify this Diesen niedrig wachsenden cruciferous plant and hope for some help ...

Austrian viper´s grass (Scorzonera austriaca)

I start for the way back to Winzendorf.

Once more Garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) near the road.

Vineyards with dandelions

St. Lucies sherries

On a small, rocky grassy place beneath the road I find some more pygmy iris.

Gorgeous, huge old St. Lucies sherry tree

Spotted dead-nettles (Lamium maculatum) beneath the road.

Back in Winzendorf I cannot resist taking a picture of this gorgeous tulip bed. I have to enter the garden a bit, but I know the owner and I have his permit to upload this picture here.

The good weather did not last the whole day. Late afternoon, clouds are drawing in, and flashes appear.

Initialy, I go to the roof window of my bathoom and place the tripod there.

As it continually hesitates to start raining, I dare to do a quick car ride to the fields between Winzendorf and Weikersdorf, where I take position now.

The storm now at last leaves to Wiener Neustadt.