Spring Flowers 7.5.2008

Just one hour time at noon, but the sun is shioning so bright, that I decide to take the car and drive to a place near Bad Fischau-Brunn, to look what has begun to flourish.

And indeed: military orchid (Orchis militaris) is out, though at its beginning. Pity that the number of plants has decreased on that place, having been several dozens a few years ago, I only counted about 5 this year.

Another exemplar..

A lonesome globularie inmidst the pine forest, enlightened by a sunbeam.

Masses of Hoary rockroses (Helianthemum canum) are covering rocky grass places.

They are growing in large patches, glaring widely ...

 ... together with ...

Matted globularia (Globularia cordifolia)

A Sword leaved helleborine  (Cephalanthera longifolia) is out too.

"Grey Dandelion" (Leontodon incanis) still is in blossom.

Incredibly dense growing hoary rockroses.

Pannonic "Star of Bethlehem" (Ornithogalum pannonicum)

Many flowering hawthorne bushes now.

Sorry, I cannot upload the intense smell of this flowering bush.