Flowers and Fields 16. 7. to 19.7.2006

In the meantime sunflower fields are blooming, and wheat is mellowing.

16.7.: A bicycle ride to Wiener Neustadt. Shortly before the outskirts of the town, besides the railway. In the background Schneeberg and Hohe Wand, both being visible quite well today.

Hohe Wand in the background.

Frauen beck beneath Weikersdorf

View from Weikersdorf (Nuszbaumweg) to Fischauer Berge. Wheat crop is just gone.

A bit further in direction to Winzendorf

18.7.: Driving from Winzendorf to Neunkirchen. Schneeberg now is ...

... nearly devoid of snow, except the large (during the winter several metres high) snow drifts beneath the summit ridge.

Schneeberg and Hohe Wand. Also here the sunflowers ....

 ... are blooming.

Schneeberg with Sankt Aegyden in the foreground.

Hohe Wand.

19.7.2006: Today´s temperature is 34 C, therefore I delay my Oberwart bike ride to the evening.

Wheat fields near Markt Allhau. In the background Joglland.

Houses of Markt Allhau in the background.

Obere Bergen near Markt Allhau