Flower Fotos 26. and 27.5.2005

On Thursday 26.5.2005 (bank holiday on feast of corpus christi) a bicycle tour to Fischauer Vorberge and Frankenhof / Hohe Wand. Repeating the orchid fotos on 27.5. in the morning, without any stress.

Close above Bad Fischau/Brunn we ride beneath a dry grass place near the black pine forest. Near the road schwertblättriges Waldvöglein (Cephalantera longifolia) and, in addition to some more exemplars of burnt orchid (orchis ustulata), about 30-40 exemplars of Military orchid, however partly withered. Beautiful exemplars are growing in the shadow, so I decide to come back next day

No more pictures, as we are doing sports this time and also don´t have time unlimited.

Afterwards, in my garden. Yellow Affodill (Asphodeline lutea), a plant originally domiciled in the mediterraneans

In the early evening: view over a fallow ground near Winzendorf with lots of corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas)

... and Austrian Mayweed (Anthemis Austriaca)

And in between, much less spectacular, but beautiful as well: Venus´s looking glass (Specularia speculum - veneris), despite its blossom form being counted to the bell flowers.

Next morning: Waldvöglein (sephalantera longifolia) in a completely different light

This time some really nice exemplars of military orchid (Orchis militaris) in bright sunlight