Spring on Blosser Berg 13. + 16.3.2017

Warm at last, for several days now. SO, a walk to the Blosser Berg is obligatory, to admire the  pasque flowers (Pulsatilla grandis).

Full flower today, on 13.3., by sure lasting for more than another week.

Numerous in places.

I continue my walk till Dörfles. After excessive wood cutting (due to the black pine disease), violets took advantage of much more light.

Near Dörfles I cross the railway.

Still much ground water.

Flowering coltsfoot.

Still lots of snow on Schneeberg.

Manuring the freshly thawed soil.

Near Winzendorf.

16.3.2017: With Hans Jürgen Pietsch on a walk around Mitterberg.

Neue Welt, Hohe Wand and Schneeberg.

Flowering Cornelian Cherries (Cornus Mas).

Flowering Liver wort (Hepatica nobilis) inside the forest.

We walk up a little bump on the backside of the Fischau mountains, traditionally called "schöne Aussicht" ("Good view"). Regrettably, there is no more view to Schneeberg due to growing trees.

But many pasque flowers here.

Flowering Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) in the forest.

Some of the numerous violets (same place as on 13.3.) are flowering white.

Back at Blosser Berg, this time the final highlight of the walk.

Beautifully flowering cornel sherries in the underwood.