Blosser Berg 8.11.2015

Today it is extremely warm, regarding the season. When we start shortly before noon for a walk through Winzendorf to Blosser Berg, the temperaturee is up to 23°C! Thin fleecy clouds in the sky, and e gusty southern wind.

Winzendorf´s secondary modern school.

At the outskirts of Winzendorf ...

 ... and in the nearby forest on our way to Blosser Berg.

Wonderful view today, the mountains seem to be within our grasp. A friend has written me, that he got a view of Schneeberg from a village far north of Vienna - 97,5 km as the crow flies.

View to the Rosalia mountains ...

 ... and to Wiener Neustadt.

Semmering, with the village of Würflach in front.

The forest above the Blosser Berges was thinned out radically - many trees were ill due to last summer´s heat and dryness´and had to be cut down.

Lucy enjoys walking.

Late flowers - goldilocks aster (Aster linosyris) ...

 ... and cream scabious (Scabiosa ochroleuca).

Only a few trees at the upper end of Blosser Berg. I wander how the forest floor will be alike in a few years.

We continue through the forest above.

Walking back above Winzendorf.

Back to Winzendorf.