Blosser Berg 21.3.2015

At first, my humble contribution to the thousands of pictures of yesterday´s solar eclipse:

21.3.2015: On a cloudless but a bit hazy day a short walk over Blosser Berg near Winzendorf, to look what flowers are out already.

The Pasque Flowers (Pulsatilla vulgaris) are already withered in part, but lots of flowrishing exemplars in the slightly shadier places.

Bees visiting frequently.

Spring cinquefoil (Potentilla Neumanniana) always is one of the first flowers out in a year.

In the nearby forest, the cornel cherries cornel cherries (Cornus mas) ...

... are in ful flower.


More Pasque Flowers (Pulsatilla vulgaris) ...

 ... and pring cinquefoil (Potentilla Neumanniana)

This bee carries a heavy burden.

Violets (Viola sp.) ...

 ... and primroses (Primula vulgaris) besides the path.