Blosser Berg 6.3.2013

After yesterday´s long snow walk I am still feeling a little stiff, to say the least. But the weather is bright, though windy due to a warm foen wind, temperatures have risen to 15 °C. I have to go out.

A short detour to Saubersdorf - I have to stop to take this picture of Schneeberg.

At first, I walk from the outskirts of Winzendorf in direction of Bad Fischau/Brunn, soon branching to the left up to the forest. The foen wind also has brought high clouds, responsible for this strange ambience.

Howsoever - the visibility is excellent - here the view to the Wechsel region.

And then I find what I have been looking for: the first pasque flowers in a grassy place within the forest. Unbelievably they are out only 10 days after lots of snow and only after 7 days of sunshine.

After a short walk, I turn back to the car and drive over to Blosser Berg. Pasque Flowers here too.

View from Blosser Berg to Wechsel and Semmering. By sure, nothing is flowering up there.

Wiener Neustadt.


Rosalia mountains with the transponder.

Sonnwendstein, also with transponder. In the foreground Dörfles, Würflach in the middle.

Bucklige Welt with the huge wind turbine near Lichtenegg.