Blosser Berg 7.+8.5.2005

Dull weather on both days, cool, only short sunny spells. Short (botanical) morning walks both days to Blosser Berg near Winzendorf. 8.5. even cooler, very windy, but more sunny.

Already down  near the road Austrian speedwell (Veronica Austriaca)  shines out of the grass


Lots of Solomons Seal (Polygonatum odoratum) flourish on outskirts of the wood

View on Blosser Berg and in direction of Wechsel and Semmering. Blooming oilseed rape fields in foreground

Blue gromwell (Buglossoides purpurocaeruleum) at outskirt of wood


The star of the day: Burnt orchid (Orchis ustulata), a few near the upper wood outskirt as well as about 20 - 30 exemplars a bit beneath.

The name comes from the inflorescence looking like burnt on top.

8.5.: "Grey" dandelion (Leontodon incanus)

View out of the forest above Wizendorf over the southern Wiener Becken in direction Bucklige Welt ...

 ... the same view zooming in

Genevian Bugle ("Heather-bugle")(Ajuga genevensis)

"Heather" - Gorse (Genista pilosa)