Baden near Zürich, 7. + 9.11.2013

I am on a pathology congress in Swizzerland.

The flight from Vienna to Zürich on 7.11. at 7:15; a delight due to the calm and bright autumn weather.

Soon, I get the view to the snow covered Alpine summits

I tried very hard, but I cannot identify single summits from that altitude.

High fog over some of the dales  ...


Tyrol´s highest mountains

Reaching the Rhine valley in Vorarlberg, and the approach for landing has already begun.

Bodensee ...

 ... this time with the highest Swiss mountains in the background.

Shortly before landing - hills around Zürich.

I have reached the hotel unexpectedly early at 10 a.m., the congress starts at 1 p.m. - so I decide to do a walk along the river with the destination of the congress centre.

First, I cross the big street near the hotel and walk down to the Limmat river, which is backed up there for a small water power plant.

A small reservoir above. The water cannot be impounded much higher due to the multiple settlements all around (this is Switzerland, not China!)

The power plant

Wonderful stream landscape above.

The foundations of the old Limmat bridge carrying a footbridge which I shall use ...

 ... and the new bridge which crosses the river and the narrow river valley high up.

On the opposite river bank ...

 ... a narrow footpath leads along the river.

Another view to the new bridge.

The footpath leads to the houses in the background, beautifully in close proximity to the water.

Rapids at the river bend.

I walk up a bit to see the vine yards.

Back at the river and crossing it on a footbridge.Hotels of the spa area to the left with the hot thermal springs that have given the city its name.

The river even is torrential and fast streaming like a mountain torrent. Limmat comes from the outflow of Lake Zürich.

I should have carried with me a towel ...

It says: this footbath is filled with pure thermal water led by a historic wooden tube from the fountain "Heißer Stein" ("Hot stone"), where it comes out with 47 °C. Take a seat and relax in Switzerland´s most mineral rich thermal water.

Upstream now along the Limmat promenade.

Rocky escarpments close to the town.

An old wooden bridge from 1810, to its left castle of the local reeve.

Besides the wooden bridge, a "High bridge" was contructed in the early 20th century, which also spans the valley with the river.

View from the wooden bridge

Looking at the wooden bridge from the opposite side of the river

The castel of the reeve

A bit above the two bridges a massive dam with a water fall ...

 ... The "Aue" power plant is being modernized and out of servie at the moment.

Huge amounts of water ...

Calm water above.

Walking back ...

crossing the old town  ...

 ... to reach the congress centre.

9.11.2013: The congress ends at 1 p.m., my train back to the airport departs at 2:29 p.m. - time enough for a short walk through the old town to the ruined castle of Stein, situated on a rock above the old town.

From here, you have a wonderful view all over the town ... the railway station.

Vineyards in the backgrounds, where I have been the day before yesterday.

The river Limmat

Vineyards behind the ruin

The "High bridge"

Geological information

VIew down to the tower of the town ...

 ... and from beneath.

Waiting for the train. which goes through a tunnel under the ruin.

After liftoff, I get a short downview to Zürich ...

 ... before we lift up through the clouds and into the darkness.