Bad Fischau-Brunn and Marble quarry 5./6. 4.2019

Two visits to the iris meadow, the second time with a detour to the marble quarry.

5.4.2019: Before the forecast rain - a quick walk to the lily meadow, form the outskirts of Winzendorf.

No more sun now, regrettably.

Dwarf iris (Iris pumila) in pink.

Cushion spurge (Euphorbia epithymoides) near the wood.

Dwarf iris (Iris pumila) in yellow.

Numerous St. Lucy cherries (Prunus mahaleb) in full flower.

Full flowered animal ...

Zwergiris (Iris pumila) in gelb.

Sitting and looking to me  ... doesn´t last for long ...

 ... looking to the right, ...

 .. or to the left. 

Dwarf iris (Iris pumila) in pink.

Dwarf iris (Iris pumila) in pink.

Dwarf iris (Iris pumila) in pink.

Dwarf iris (Iris pumila) in blue.

Spring adonis (Adonis vernalis) at the outskirts of Brunn.

Spring adonis (Adonis vernalis)

6.4.2019: through light wood with small clearings, I ascend from the vine yards to the marble quarry. Common ball flowers (Globularia bisnagarica).

On a small area ploughed by the wood harvester a few years ago I can find young plants of Dwarf iris (Iris pumila) in pink, along with typical scree plants.

A large area of cowslips (primula veris) inmidst the forest.

View down from the marble quarry to Winzendorf ...

 ... and to Weikersdorf. 

Large areas with Spring cinquefoil (Potentilla neumanniana) up here.

The old quarry area; nowadays, village fesasts take place here, for instance at summer solstice.

Bella and Lucy.

Lucy stays sitting for a much longer time.

On my descent, I take the detour to the Iris meadow here Dwarf iris (Iris pumila) in yellow.

I didn´t expect to find these wonderful Spring adonis (Adonis vernalis) besides the aqueduct.

Spring adonis (Adonis vernalis)

Spring adonis (Adonis vernalis)