Bad Fischau-Brunn 6.6.2018

I drive to Brunn, and from the outskirts, I start my walk. First, I visit a dry grass area leading from the last houses down to the Prosset beck.

Here I find sibiric bellflower (Campanula sibirica), pannonic plant.

Branched St Bernard's-lily (Anthericum ramosum) full in flower ... normally I find them in Jula. Everything´s so early this year.

More by chance, because they are so inconspicuous, I find a few exemplars of the broad-leaved helleborine (Epipactis helleborine)

Schmalblättriger Lein (Linum tenuifolium)

Schmalblättriger Lein (Linum tenuifolium)

Woodland sage (Salvia nemorosa) ...

 ... here with a visitor, a green forester (Adscita statices)

Spiked speedwell (Veronica spicata), a plant of the pannonic flora.

A second kind of speedwell is growing here: Austrian speedwell (Veronica Austriaca)

Lady´s bedstraw (Galium verum).

Goldmoss stonecrop (Sedum acre) in rocky places.

Goldmoss stonecrop (Sedum acre).

Cutleaf selfheal (Prunella laciniata)

Field scabious (Knautia arvensis) with a visitor: a Six-spot burnet (Zygaena filipendulae).

Different manifestations of the Six-spot burnet (Zygaena filipendulae).

Six-spot burnet (Zygaena filipendulae).

Six-spot burnet (Zygaena filipendulae).

Six-spot burnet (Zygaena filipendulae).

Six-spot burnet (Zygaena filipendulae).

Common ragwort (Senecio jacobaea)

Musk thistle (Carduus nutans)


Fruits of the Violet limodore orchid (Limodorum abortivum)

Nine-spotted moth on a wallflower.

Marbled White (Melanargia galathea).

Mauretanic Mallow (Malva sylvestris subsp. mauritanica/Malva mauritiana) on a fallow.

Field fallow.

Mauretanic Mallow (Malva sylvestris subsp. mauritanica/Malva mauritiana).

This Marbled White (Melanargia galathea) flaps its wings ...

 ... untile it calms down at last.

The eastern part of the "lily meadow".

Last dittany.

Marbled White (Melanargia galathea) from a different perspective - with outstretched wings.

Knapweed fritillary (Melitaea phoebe)

Adriatic Lizard orchid (Himantoglossum adriaticum) - still in flower - to the top now.

Huge inflorescence. Lucy says, that it´s hot today. Yes, indeed, it is hot.

Adriatic Lizard orchid (Himantoglossum adriaticum)

Adriatic Lizard orchid (Himantoglossum adriaticum)

Esparsetten Tragant - milkvetch (Astragalus onobrychis)

Fruit inflorescence of the meadow salsify (Tragopogon pratensis)

Marbled White (Melanargia galathea)

Marbled White (Melanargia galathea)

Purple crownvetch (Securigera varia) ...

 ... here in white as an Albino.

Purple crownvetch (Securigera varia)

At lunchtime, clouds arise, and whole afternoon it´s raining after a big thunderstorm at noon with havy showers.