Bad Fischau 19.4.2018

Two hours´ mountain bike ride to Bad Fischau, through fields till St. Egyden and back.

The vineyards are full with dandelions at the moment.

Within a few days, the common ballflowers (Globularia punctata) are fully out in flower, wheras the dwarf iris are nearly completely withered.

Cushion spurge (Euphorbia epithymoides).

Common ballflowers (Globularia punctata)

Spring Adonis (Adonis vernalis) still flowrishing near Bad Fischau-Brunn.

Now I ride down the narrow tarmac road to Weikersdorf.

After crossing the village, I branch off to the right across the fields.

Fascinating view to Schneeberg.

Dandelions in between ....


A small vineyard above Saubersdorf also full with dandelions.


At the outskirts of Sankt Egyden.

Oilseed rape fields start to flowrish.