Spring Flowers near Bad Fischau/Brunn 13.4.2018

After a bit of rain last night, the sun came out in the morning, so I start with Lucy from the outskirts of Winzendorf, heading for Bad Fischau-Brunn.

Blackthorn in flower everywhere.

Grape hyacinths.

This huge whalenut tree got several dead branches two years ago, last year the rest of the tree was dead. So, it was cut down durung the winter.


Common stork´s bill (Erodium cicutarium) - thanks to Herwig Gießwein for identification.

Lucy, der the dandelion - dog.

Daisies in the vineyard


Much greener now, and even some trees flowrishing. Es ist schon viel grüner geworden, und auch Bäume blühen schon. Der Blick geht hier zum Wechsel.

If I see blackthorn in flower when driving home from Wiener Neustadt, I know, that the dwarf iris will flower. So it is today.

Dwarf iris and Sandsteinkraut (Alyssum montanum subsp. gmelini - Alyssum arenarium)

Lots of blackthorn above the iris meadow.

First common ball flowers.

Iris in all colours.

Near Bad Fischau-Brunn, lots of spring adonis in full flower.

AT the outskirts of Brunn I branch off to the right and walk back the gravel road heading for Winzendorf. Lots of cowslips in the large grassland that is temporarily used as sheep pasture during summer.

Large areas of flowering spring cinquefoil.

Lots of blackthorn along this gravel road.

View back ...

 ... and ahead with view to the Semmering mountains.

Blackthorn in full flower.

Ash-leaved maple in flower (thank you very much to Nikolaus Faiman for identification).

More maples in flower.

Once more I branch off, this time upwards to the marble quarry. In hidden grassy places inside the forest I once more find dwarf iris.

Sometimes you have big luck: this brimstone butterfly just used the two seconds when I held the camera to the flower for a short visit.

Ball flowers not yet fully out.

Yellow exemplars too in this place.

Strangely, most iris are growing in exactly the place where the harvester ploughed the ground some years ago. Did he put seeds deeper into the groud to allow their germination?

A few fosythia growing along a wood storage area which had been constructed with wood harvesting.

Lots of violets have settled on the freshly ploughed wood ground.

Spring cinquefoil in abundance.

Milkwort in large patches.


Tackled the marble quarry at least. Last cornel cherry in flower up here.

Heavy wind at times.

Barbecue place at the marble quarry.

The roock wall of the marble quarry.

View to Wiener Neustadt.

and the opposite direction to Winzendorf and the Wechsel mountains.

Panoramic view of the Steinfeld.  Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

More violets inside the forest.

Clouds are drawing in, but Weikersdorf is ...

 ... on the sunny side now.