Bad Fischau/Brunn 6.4.2018

Short mountain bike tour late afternoon I have to look if the dwarf iris are flowrishing.

Cronel cherries in bloom, with the view over the Steinfeld.

I walk up to the iris grassland, and it really is as I have suspected: wild boars have destroyed large areas of the flowers. It can be seen by the digged- out roots.


In places with large areas of iris only a few plants have survived.

The thick storage roots were rather tasty to them.

This plant has survived, but its root was partly snapped off.

Total destruction of more than 1 m2. only a small, wimpy plant has survived.

Pasque flowers are unoffended.


On my way back I pass by a shelter belt. In the shadow beneath the bushes Corydalis cava. The larvae of the clouded Apollo butterfly used to eat the leaves.

Two colours in any location: white and purple.

In some places, the white plants are dominating. Interestingly, both variants seem to be genetically predetermined, because in my garden, they started with only one purple plant, continued with a few purple ones, now, after about 10 years, large areas of my the hedgerow is home of plants in both colours.

A large patch with violets in another shelter belt.

And at its margin these lesser celandines.


I ride down to Weikersdorf and along the Frauen beck back up to Winzendorf.

Hyacinths in full bloom in my garden.