A short mountain bike tour to Bad Fischau 5.6.2015

I was told that the bee orchids are out near Bad Fischau. So I take advantage of the free morning for a short ride.

Bee orchid (Ophrys apifera). Last year, I found dozens of plants in this place, today I find four of them, after a prolonged search. Such fluctiations in the population is well known with orchids, no reason for concern.

Getting back to my bike I realize that there isnīt air left in the front tyre. At a nearby petrol station, I get insufflation, and immediately head for Saubersdorf. At the outskirts, I have to start walking again to protect the wheel rim from getting destroyed. At Newbike I get a new inner tube.

Oilseed rape fields shortly before Saubersdorf.

At home in my garden, the vine with the "blue Portugieser" - grapes is beginning to flowrish. I have mounted the branches on the new wooden wall, where they get optimal sunshine.