Bad Aussee - 16.10.2022: Gosausee

Beautiful, near cloudless weather is forecast for this day, a Sunday. As many visitors can be expected for such a day, we start our drive shortly after 8 a.m..

We stop for a moment at the lowest hairpin-bend of the Pötschen-pass road ns enjoy the view to Lake Hallstatt ...

 ... and to the village of Bad Goisern. 

The village of Gosau is covered with ground mist, which only lifts at the upper end of the village, at the ascent to Lake Gosau.

Though we arrave here a shortly after 9, the uppermost car park is nearly full wuth cars. Walking up to the dam, which lifts the water level only for a few metres.

Arrived at the dam, we take the right lakeshore, as seen from down, for the start of our walk around the lake, ...

 ... because here is still sunshine at this time of the day (and season). Later on, this area will be in shadow.

Gosau lake.

After a few minutes, we reach a flat shore - a bathing place in summer, they say.

Sun is still rather deep.

The outflow of the Lake Gosau with the inn.

Steep mountain summits tower above the lake - the highest one is 1.800 m higher.

The weather report did not promise too much.

We shall walk back at the opposite shore.

Panoramic picture of the lower part of Lake Gosau. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

A bit of dust laying on the upper end of the lake.

The water ripples for a short time.

Now and then, also from this side of the lake, the Dachstein can be seen - exactly beneath the low standing sun.

View to the head of the lake.

Another flat shore.

Panoramic picture of Lake Gosau, as seen from the southwestern shore. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

A huge boulder laying around. Whas it deposited by a glacier?

View to the head of the lake.

Still light dust over the water.

I leave the path and walk along the flat head of the lake.

The head of lake Gosau.

Another flat area at the opposite side of the lake, where we take a short rest.

View down lake Gosau ...

 ... and upwards to the heas, Which I walked along before. 

Lake Gosau View down to the foot with the dam.

Panoramic picture of lake Gosau, with the mountain ridge behind. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.


On the way back - view back ... and to the opposite side.

Lake Gosau with the Gosau ridge behind.

The dogs must be on the lead here, because so many people come along, and Lotti would would welcome every single one.

A bit of woodland with yellow leaves.

View back - Dachstein is appearing now in the field of view.

Lake Gosau with the Dachstein.

The slope is so steep here, that the road had to be dynamited out of the rock.

Here, a ferrata begins - in a spectacular way.

View to the foot of the lake ...

 ... and once more back to Dachstein. 

A small flat shore area.


The last picture was taken from the dam. We stay for a while outside at the inn and enjoy cafe and a curd cheese- apricot strudel.

This area, as seen from above ((c) Peter Übleis, Facebook)

Driving back, we see the big run - several more car parks are full, all in all more than 1.000 cars. After a drive back to our holiday home, a cosy rest on the bed in sunlit room and a small lunch, we start our drive home at 4:30 p.m.