Bad Aussee - 14.10.2022 Waterfall and Ruin Pflindsberg

Yesterday, we arrived in the evening in a beautiful holiday home near Bad Aussee. A bit of rain in the morning, so the day is started unhurried with shopping for fresh pastries and a brunch. Late morning, the sky starts to clear, so we break to the hamlet of Lichtersberg for a walk to the waterfall and ruin Pflindsberg.

Still a bit cloudy when we arrive at the waterfall, misguided by displaced signposts and climbing through steep forest.

Very narrow valley, so no chance to reach the waterfall from beneath.

The path leads closely to the escarpment at the upper end. A flat flowing beck disappears to the nothing.

Some flat meadows above ... 

 ... and we are close to the ruin. 

First views. 

Dachstein still in clouds. 

Close to the ruine is a small observation tower.

Ausseer Zinken.

Loser, partly wrapped in clouds. 

Info to the ruin. 

Only small last remains of the walls.


View to Bad Aussee and Ausseer Zinken.

Lake Altaussee visible from here, with the Altaussee church in front to the left.


Loser, Altaussee lake and Trisselwand. 

Panoramic picture from the view tower at the ruin Pflindsberg. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Ruin Pflindsberg with the Sarstein linsk dahinter.

Loser, Altaussee Lake and Trisselwand. 

Sun at the waterfall at the descent.

We went down the forest path and without any problems arrived at the meadow above our parking space.

Panoramic view over the meadow and houses of Lichtersberg to Trisselwand and Tressenstein. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Trisselwand and Tressenstein.

Back to the misplaced signpost that guided us into the pathless forest. This path branching off into the forest ends somewhere therein. This silly placement of the signpost must have been in vicious intention. Nobody can be so silly.

For the end of the day, we drive down to the Altaussee lake and its outflow.

Nioce mirroring in Lake Altaussee today.

Panoramic picture of Lake Altaussee, as seen from the bathing place nea the Seevilla hotal. Click here or into the picture for a larger display

Altaussee Lake with Loser and Trisselwand.

View to the outflow of Lake Altaussee. e spent a nice hour at the terrace of the Seevilla hotel (far right) with coffee and cake.

View over the balustrade of the terrasse. It seems that a new staff member is photographed for the hotel homepage.

Evening at the balcony of our holiday home, with the view to the Dachstein.

It´s beginning to get cloudy, and it will rain during the night. Sun dog in ice clouds above Dachstein.

Sun dog above Dachstein.

Afterwards, we drive to Obertraun to the Gasthaus Koppenrast, where we have an excellent dinner.