30.5.2021 Tressenstein

With Marlene and her boyfriend Alex from the Tressensattel up on the Tressenstein.

The route through the forest is not so interesting for a picture. On the summit, near the view tower, a beautiful view to Altaussee and lake Altaussee.

Alex has taken with him his drone which takes amazing pictures. The view tower and the view to Sandling (left), Loser and Altaussee with the lake.

View tower, Altaussee, Loser.

The little helicopter takes the view over the forest to the head of lake Altaussee and to the Trisselwand.

A transponder of the ORF near the view tower.

The view to the left goes to lake Grundl and the Totes Gebirge.

Grundlsee. Another picture of Alex´ drone.

Bad Aussee with the Ausseer Zinken, Sarstein to the right.

The drone is now high up and a bit more distant. View to Altaussee, ...

 ... Trisselwand ...

 ... and above the Tressenstein to the Grundlsee.

Data of the view tower. 

Drone picture of the view tower and the view to the south with Bad Mitterndorf in the far distance.


The drone is now approaching ... 

 ... and takes our picture. A new kind of "Selfie". 

We walk the short leg to another view platform with a special view down to Bad Aussee.

Panoramic picture of Bad Aussee, as take from the Tressenstein. Click here or into the picture for a larger display

A picture of the Dachstein, taken with the telephoto lens. After the cool spring, the mountain is covered with snow even down to deeper regions. The summit is wrapped in clouds.


This swallow tail butterfly feels rather cold, so it sits still besides the path and lets me take its picture. 


The sun comes out during the descent through the forest. 

Back at the Tressen saddle - with the view to the Trisselwand ... 

 ... and Totes Gebirge. 

Near the car park, a small path of wet grassland with globe flowers (Trollius europaeus) ...

 ... and ...

 ... broad-leaved marsh orchid (Dactylorhiza majalis)

On the drive back we stop at the village of Grundl to admire the view over lake Grundl.