29.5.2021 Hallstatt

Daytrip to Hallstatt - the number of Chinese present should be very limites due to the Corona situation.

Parking in Lan of course, first view from there.

First impressions on our walk to the centre of the town.

View to the protestant church, on our way to the catholic church.

Wonderful panorama view from the corner besides the catholic church, to the toan and the lake Hallstatt. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Hallstatt´s cemetery. Due to the small area available on the steep mountain slope, the cemetery is open both to protestants and catholics. After 15 years, the bones are moed to the ossuary to get free place.

Main Square of Hallstatt. Many of the dozens of shops and restaurants are still closed - with so few visitors.

A glimpse to the catholic church ...

 ... and to the boat which we shall enter in a few minutes. 

On our way around lake Hallstatt - to Obertraun and back.

View from the boat to the car park at the protestant church and near the jetty.

Off we go.

First to Lan.

View to Obertraun.


Hallstatt, and the view down the lake to Bad Goisern.



Lucy is not very much excited with the journey.

Lan and the rock wall above Hallstatt.

We are approaching Obertraun.

View back to Lan, and to the Dachstein.

Dachstein. The summit is invisible from the valley.

This is near the deepest place of the lake - up to 125 m deep.

We head a bit for Bad Goisern, ...

 ... before we turn back to Hallstatt. 

View to Bad Goisern.

Approaching Hallstatt.

Back at the Wasnerin hotel, a few pictures from the roof terrace.

Panorama view from the roof terrace of the Wasnerin - Sandling, Loser, Trisselwand, Totes Gebirge, and the mountains around the Tauplitzalm. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Showers on the Totes Gebirge.