Bad Aussee Tressenstein 23.11.2019

Another sunny day with good visibility, due to a foen weather situation.

Susi drives me up to the Tressen saddle.

Good view to the Totes Gebirge even from here.

The dominating neighbour is the Trisselwand (1.754 m).


Better view to the Totes Gebirge from above.

View down to Bad Aussee from a viewpoint on the Tressenstein

Panoramic picture from the Tressenstein viewpoint to the valley of Bad Aussee. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

View to the West to the rock escarpments of the Tressensteins and to the Sandling.

In the distance Dachstein - with the typical foen cloud on its top.

View to the direction of Kainisch and to the Niedere Tauern in the background.


Maximal zoom to our Hotel Wasnerin, where we once more are perfectly accomodated.

From the view tower, you get a perfect view to the Grundlsee.

Grundlsee and Totes Gebirge

From the view tower, you also see the Altausseer See, with the village of Altaussee to its left.

Altausseer See

I walk now down to village of Altaussee, with good views down to the lake in between.

Lake Altaussee

Panoramic picture of the Altausseer See, with the Loser (1.837 m) in behind. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

The basin with the head of Lake Altaussee.

Altausseer See

Loser as seen from the large grassland near the small hamlet of Platten.

View to the hamlet of Platten and to the Dachstein ...

 ... and to the Tressenstein, where I was up before.

Trisselwand and Tressenstein.


Finally arrived at Lake Altaussee, near the outflow. Trisselwand in behind.


24.11.: Short tour to the Grundlsee


 ... and once more to the Ödensee. The weather is not really is inviting to take pictures today.

Lucy loves to sit at her mum today.