Bad Aussee - Ödensee 22.11.2019

On the drive to a short holiday in Bad Aussee, a walk around the Ödensee near Kainisch.

A bright, calm day in November, we are outside the misty area.

The water of the Ödensee is completely calm, like a mirror.

Der bathers´ jetty is deserted.

All gear removed or put together ... 

Only a few other people on the way - the inn at the lake is closed due to plant holidays.

Warm sunshine at the northern shore of the lake ... 

 ... and persistent hoarfrost till lunchtime a t the shady southern shore. Here, the adjacent steep moutnain slopes cast shadow for the whole day.

More hoarfrost.

Higher mountains of the Tauplitz in the background.

Panoramic picture of the Ödensee. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

We walk clockwise around the small lake ... 

 ... and finally reach the western shore, where the Grimming can be seen in behind.

Ödensee with Grimming (2.351 m)

Ödensee with Grimming (2.351 m)

Ödensee with Grimming (2.351 m)

Ödensee with Grimming (2.351 m)

Last yellow needle of the larches ... 

Evening in the hotel Wasnerin - hurry up to the roof terrace to catch the last evening light ... 

 ... on the Totes Gebirge ...


 ... and on Dachstein