Bad Aussee 20.5.2017

Susi has decided, that we should go shopping Bad Aussee´s traditional costumes for me. Due to the high clouds, I agree, so we drive to Bad Aussee centre and enter the shop.

Dachstein is free at the moment, despite the high clouds.

Shopping done, Susi left in the ladies´ department, and I go for a short round walk.

Lots of water in the Altaussee Traun - no wonder with huge amounts of snow melting on Loser.

The old pharmacy

This is the Grundlseetraun, here junctioning the Altaussee Traun.

Altaussee Traun.

Mercedes - bridge at the confluence

Beneath the confluence the river is much wider. Sarstein in the background.

A small artificial waterfall in the park.

Oxeye daysies

The "Mercedes" -bridge at the confluence of Altaussee and Grundlsee Traun.

Grundlsee Traun

A quick detour to the famous gingerbread  manufacture, to buy a few souvenirs.

View to the Totes Gebirge from there ...

 ... and to the Loser.

Back in the hotel, Susi entres the wellness area, and I go for a short walk a bit above the hotel to look for more daffodils.

White daffodils (Narcissus radiiflorus)

Unbelievable density of daffodils. An intense, enchanting smell is in the air.

I proceed crossing the forest to find this beautiful pond.

Globe flowers(Trollius europaeus) in the nearby grassland

A few more daffodils - not as much as before, but still beautiful.

White daffodils (Narcissus radiiflorus)

On the way back, this time using the road, I spot this plate, telling this is private land and you have to ask for permission to enter. At the hotel reception, they told me afterwards, that there is a conflict with lawsuit, on a rather void reason, between the owners and the leaseholder of the area - to the mischief of people seeking recreation. Thanks a lot!


The small hamlet of Egg, with the Totes Gebirge in the background.