Park of the Theresian Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt 3.2.2008

A short but fast walk with friends through the large area of the park of Wiener Neustadt´s military academy, a running and Nordic Walking - area for Wiener Neustdt´s residents. Some of our group are using Nordic Walking - poles, the kids are riding their bicycles. Halts for fotographs mean that I have to run to catch up with the group.

We are walking about 5 km in this large area. Soon after the start, the famous water tower and the academy buildings are far.

Zooming in on the water tower of Wiener Neustadt.

Through the park the atificial Kehr beck is flowing, which branches off the river Schwarza near Neunkirchen. Originally, the water was used for the moat of Wiener Neustadt´s castle, then for the transport of wood from the mountains. At least the water was used for the Wiener Neustadt Canal, which was contructed for easier transport of wood, iron, bricks and coal to the capital of Vienna (the constructors first studied the construction of the Bridgewater Canal near Manchester) and closed in 1879, when the railway was constructed.

Long avenues ...

In some places a glimpse of Schneeberg, which is wrapped in clouds due to a foen weather situation.

A further water supply for Kehr beck from the nearby village of Katzelsdorf delivering water from the river Leitha, originating in the river Pitten.

Large fields inside the park area.

Weir at the additional supply, which is dotating the ...

Pioneer pond, which is covered by a thin layer of ice.

Once mor ewe have to cross Kehr beck.

The main building of the academy as seen from the back.

The water tower