Holiday Egypt, Oct 30th to Nov 7th, 2011

For a second time, our kids have a week of holiday in the autumn. We make use of this opportunity and mkae up for a holiday week, once more in the Arkassia Swiss Resort near Marsa Alam at the Red Sea.

This time, I bought a small digital camera that is suited for underwater pictures down to a depth of 12 m, so enough for snorcheling. Therefore, this time there are lots of  pictures of the phantastic underwater landscape. As I out many times with diving goggles and snorkel, I sorted the pictures according to the animal species (mainly fish). Identification was rather laborious for a beginner like me, and I am not sure about correct identification. So, in case anybody finds incorrect identifications, please let me know (Contact address is displayed in the "contact" link at the bottom of the home page).

Pictures from the hotel and the surrounding landscape

Pictures from underwater life