Walks around Winzendorf 4./.5/8./9.12.2018

Short winter walks around Winzendorf

4.12.2018: In the afterneoon, I take the dogs for a quick walk to the fields halfway to Saubersdorf. I didn´t realize in advance the rain shower drawing over the Fischau mountains to the left, with bright sunshine over here making a wonderful rainbow.

The right end ...

Sunshine and rainbow intensity changes from minute to minute.

The sun is nearly hidden behind clouds ...

 ... but only nearly ...

 ... and so this complete rainbow is displayed for a short while.

The pot of gold should be there somewhere. I´m evicted from here soon by the rain coming in.

5.12.2018: The rain has cleared and the sun is shining. A bit of new snow on Schneeberg. I take the same route as yesterday, but a bit longer of course.

Winzendorf´s limestone quarry.

Beautiful mirroring at the pond today, was it is completely calm.

On the hill nar the transponder.

Heading for St. Egyden

The Moribach is a bit dammed up by hundreds of apples fallen down from the numerous apple trees upstream. The apples are yummy (provided you still find some good ones).

8.12.2018: Short walk to the small pond at the Frauen beck.

Rather windy today.

It was cloudy in the morning, but at lunchtime, the sun came out. Schneeberg is still wrapped in clouds.

Walking the grass around the small woodland.

Frauen beck.

9.12.2018: Short visit to the marble quarry, from Winzendorf´s outskirts.

Bad Fischau and Wiener Neustadt.

Looks like rain is coming so I decide to shorten the walk and opt for the quick descent to the vineyards.

Raining in the Wechsel region.